Commissioner Wakulyamba has asked the officers and soldiers of the wildlife and forest to live their oaths .

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 The deputy secretary general of the ministry of natural resources and tourism , commissioner Benedict Wakulyamba who deals with natural resources has closed the initial training of the conservation and forestry army for 217 new officers and soldiers who graduated from the new employment training in the training camp under Pasiansi wildlife collage in Fort Ikoma Serengeti.

Also , commissioner Wakulyamba asked the officers and soldiers who have qualified to be disciplined to obey the law  as well as to cooperate well with the citizens around the National Parks to take care of the nation's natural resources as they swore in their oaths .

Commissioner Wakulyamba said ", that oath of loyalty and loyalty should enable you to work with patriotism and high level of professionalism in the wildlife and forestry conservation army . It is my expectation that you will carry out your oaths in action and honesty through out your services in the army through TANAPA", 

In addition , commissioner Wakulyamba added ", I congratulate all of you for completing the important training as well , I commend the great efforts and guidelines given to you by your trainers so that you become the catalyst for conservation in our organization , it is known for its ability to protect and preserve these natural resources "

Also , Deputy commissioner for conservation and business development ____TANAPA, Massawe Gi. Mwishawe explained that the training has been held for six months involving field methods , first services , patriotism , integrity , tenacity and the use of the law .

He added again the administrative secretary of the Serengeti district , Mrs . Angelina Marco Lubelle representing the head of the Serengeti district congratulated all the officers and soldiers who graduated and said ", The training you received should be a catalyst to work hard and discipline , realizing that the protection of wildlife stimulates tourism and increase national income " 

Also , Mrs . Angelina added that the conservation of natural resources has greatly contributed to the improvement of infrastructure and contributed to health services, education , water and development projects designed by citizens living on the edge of national reserves .

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